Resident Artist/Art Curator

Dave Court

Dave Court is an Adelaide based painter, illustrator and designer working in a variety of areas and media. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with honours specialising in painting at the end of 2013, he participated in immersive art project Mr IST and has gone on to work on a range of projects since. Dave runs clothing brand foolsandtrolls, along with retail store Created Range. He also works as creative director and designer of Yewth Magazine alongside freelance design and illustration and continuing his art practice.

Dave Court will be with us until May 2018.



The Oxford Hotel is proud to promote the artistic community. In conjunction with our new role of Key Artist/Art Curator, we are also holding an original event every second Wednesday to promote local artists in general (and our deep love of art)…
An artist will create a piece and if  the art isn’t bought for $50 or more within 2 hours (or bidded for) it gets smashed on the spot. 


MS - 1-6 copy