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Creative Bloq is encouraged by its own viewers. When you purchase through hyperlinks on our site, we make an affiliate commission. Learn more Home Features Graphic Designs Page 2 of 4: Vintage and monochrome Photoshop activities Free Photoshop activities: Classic photo filters21. Ultra FadedMake your expensive snaps look washed (Image credit: www. photoshoptutorials. Ws)Download hereWant to create your professionally recorded photographs look like they have been taken with a cheap camera? Obviously you do. This set of free Photoshop activities from SparkleStock recreate a faded film result, together with optional light leaks. The complete (paid) set includes a whole load of different options, however you may download 11 at no cost. All actions are created using adjustment layers, therefore they will all remain completely editable and nondestructive. 22. Vintage Light LeakGet that knackered old Box Brownie look for free Download hereSometimes you want Photoshop activities that may prevent your photos from looking too glossy; a little imperfection can add into a shot’s allure, and this vintage light escape action is one way to accomplish that effect. Send it in to action and you’re able to flip any top-end DSLR shot to something that looks like it had been taken in an antique camera. 23. Cross ProcessedAdd play and vibrant color effects to your pictures Download hereThis activity adds drama and vibrant color effects to your pictures by supplementing colors Free Vintage Photoshop Actions – and making colors more saturatedin It’s especially good for stormy skies, landscapes, buildings and ocean scenes. 24. Color 024Create rich, sun-bleached photographs that retain their detail Download hereDigital pictures are crisp and accurate, but sometimes they can lack that nostalgic glow of a film photograph. By downloading this free Photoshop actions, you can fix the color saturation and make rich, sun-bleached photos that still maintain a high amount of detail. Strip TechnicolorThis activity simulates the 2-strip appearance without damaging the first image Download hereRecreate that the appearance of 2-strip Technicolor film by downloading this free action. Popular from the 20s and 30s, 2-strip technicolor film exposed black and white film behind a green filter and a red filter. By merging the blue and green channels in various layers, this action simulates the 2-strip appearance without damaging the original picture. 26. Light LeaksThese gradients are ideal for adding non-destructive vintage effects to your pictures Download hereThis handy choice of light leaks was generated using gradients, making it quite flexible for adding non-destructive vintage effects to your pictures. Even the free version includes five high-quality leaks, all featuring support for 16-bit color so you may achieve brighter-than-white highlights. Plus they work with movie, also! 27. Difficult LomoIf you like your lomo action hard, look no further Download hereDeviantArt is a Fantastic spot to find Photoshop activities, as this example from BlackLaceStock shows

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