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How to use quotes

Poems, chapters, articles – smaller volumes of work or fragments of work that form a larger volume of work – are highlighted in quotation marks. To include short quotes in the text, enclose them in double quotes. Include the author and page-specific number in the citation text and include a full link to the cited works page..

The punctuation marks are enclosed in quotation marks. Whenever punctuation marks are part of a person’s speech, they are enclosed in quotation marks so that the reader knows what the dialogue is saying. In addition to emphasizing other people’s words, quotation marks have several other uses. Depending on the style guide you are using, you can use quotation marks to highlight titles for all types of songs, or just for short songs. The titles of books, albums, magazines, newspapers, and other individual and larger works are usually in italics…

If you quote more than three lines of verse, separate them as a quote. Start the quote on a new line, cut half an inch from the left margin, without quotes, and include line breaks in the quote.

Rules of dialogue that all writers should follow


Punctuation marks such as periods, commas and semicolons should appear after quoting in parentheses. It can be a little tricky when authors name their collection according to the history in that collection. In a documentary or academic setting, you can quote someone without making it a dialogue. The same rules apply to the placement of other punctuation marks in relation to quotation marks. But you should also take care to design your sentence so that the quoted words are grammatically inserted into it….

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