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Like I said, to me, if the games are available for purchase still then ROMs should not be distrubuted for those games. Games that are no longer sold I feel should be alright.

The problem is that older games sit in vaults and none of these companies seem to have any vested interest in trying to put these games out for new generations of gamers. Unless its a current-gen system, ROMS are fair game. At the very least, for long-defunct systems, Roms are a necessary means of preservation of our gaming heritage .

Thoughts On Secrets In ROMs

While I understand their desire to protect their intellectual property, the fact is that most of the games are 25+ years old and of little value to anyone at this point. When, as an example, I want to listen to music "the best way", as an end in of itself, I fire up the turntable and spin some vinyl. I still believe that the premier way to retro game is on real hardware, over a tube TV. I understand not every game will be Playstation 2 offered and of course, licenses can keep certain games from showing up on modern services.

Still solutions need to be found for preserving games. And yes I agree it was wrong but MP3s were just getting started. Could they not find some subscription service for these old games.

Even Nintendo has admitted at several times that they don’t have archive data for at least some or likely many of their retro games. The closure of the Wii eShop spurred my desire to collect many of the games that I had as a kid to share with my kids. I haven’t gone out and grabbed all of my past collections, but as I find them here and their for inexpensive I grab them. But with digital libraries the threat of loosing access to collections because hardware fails or digital repositories are unavailable is real. I wish Nintendo offered a service like Steam on PC where backwards compatibility is offered on new hardware and old titles are available perhaps to only stream and you only pay once.

Either they ignore their older games or just randomly toss them onto the eshop with no rhyme or reason. Nintendo puts out the same batch of NES games while Sega pretends they never did anything else besides the Genesis.

Games like the original Pokémon with their batteries expired and those batteries eventually not being manufactured any longer is one example of how preservation is important. @NintendoFan4Lyf makes a great point, turn the negative into a positive.

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Give us access to them rather than buying SMB3 for the 12th time. Maybe Nintendo will sort of have it with the online service coming next month. I will publish your Nintendo Life articles to other websites to preserve video game journalism history.

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